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22 Jul 2015 16:26 #1215 by oestek
oestek created the topic: Pot Metal Restoration
Just about all Classic and Muscle Cars have pieces made form "pot" metal... an alloy that is commonly claimed to be "whatever metal was left over and thrown into the melting pot" to make these parts.

We have several restorations in-process requiring the repair and re-plating of these kinds of parts.

In this thread, we're attempting to get to the bottom of the "pot metal" mystery and unearth some tips to repair.

One interesting avenue is Super Alloy 1 from Muggy Weld , a low-melting point material that can be used to repair delicate and corroded pot metal pieces. Check this out:

We intend to learn more about this stuff and maybe even try it. Anyone have experience with it?

Kevin Oeste
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