The next step in the Lou's Change 1969 Camaro was to install all the wiring and plumbing for the cooling systems.     We used an American Autowire Classic Update harness, which allows us to tailor the length of the harness to our specific needs.     The dash will be filled with Dakota Digital VHX gauges, and we used the original glove box location to mount the electronics for the gauges.    We moved the fuse and power panel for the GM LSA crate engine to the original ashtray location for accessibility.     Under the hood, we installed a Detroit Speed 7-speed wiper motor, but moved the motor to a spot behind the driver fender to clean up the firewall.   Then we installed a C&R Racing radiator, complete with integral power steering and engine oil coolers.     We also added a C&R heat exchanger for the supercharger coolant, and an upgraded supercharger coolant pump.