Hot Rod Power Tour On The Road

The 2015 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour will be coming down Illinois Route 3, the very same street that the V8 Speed & Resto Shop and V8TV call home.     
Our shop will be open and we will be here to extend a helping hand to any Power Tour participants that might need assistance, or who just want to stop in and say hello. 
The V8 Speed & restoration Shop is a full-service restoration and performance center with lifts, tools, welders, and highly-capable technicians ready to help anyone who needs it.    Replacement parts are also available locally. 
The towns along Rt. 3 will all be rolling out the welcome mats for Power Tour participants, including Columbia, Waterloo, Red Bud, Evansville, Chester IL, and more.    There have been meetings to discuss ways to make the Power Tour experience a smooth one, as well as to prepare the towns along the route to assist participants however they can.  Restaurants, gas stations, and other stores will be open and fully staffed. 
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