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SEMA museum antique toys
Crane's Lead

We stumbled across this cool diner / restaurant on our way out to the 2015 SEMA show.    It's called Crane's Museum & Shoppes, and it's located in Washington, Misourri.   We went for the breakfast and stayed for the very well stocked antique and car museum in the back.    They have tons of old car-themed items on display, ranging from antique cars and gas pumps to scale models, toys, and pedal cars.    There are plenty of non-car themed antiques on display as well, so your non car-fanatic traveling companions won't get bored.   Crane's is just of Intersate 70 and is easy to find.   Be sure to say hello to Cooper the dog.   


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Crane’s Museum & Shoppes
10665 Old Hwy 40
Williamsburg, MO 63388