Chassis, Suspension, and Brake System Videos

In this video series, we're upgrading a 1969 Camaro SS 396 for better performance using an Edelbrock Top End Kit consisting of E-Street Heads, a RPM intake manifold, a mild street camshaft, and the required hardware and gaskets to put it all together. We're adding a Holley Street Avenger Aluminum 670 carburetor for fuel, and an MSD Digital E-Curve distributor for spark. The Camaro will breathe better with a dual MagnaFlow stainless exhaust system, and it will run smoothly on Royal Purple Break-In Oil and Max Gear transmission oil. We're also adding a Centerforce clutch for more grab. Under the car, we're detailing the subframe and suspension with Eastwood Underhood Black paint, and installing Global West Del-A-Lum bushings up front. A Baer Track disc brake kit is going on for better stopping power, and a Chassis Engineering front sway bar will help this car corner better.


Here's a quick method of bleeding brakes using a vacuum pump to help you out. Warning: Don't drive any car with improperly bled or leaking brakes, you could kill yourself or others! Be careful! We're not responsible for you if you do this wrong!


To improve the steering of our 1955 Thunderbird we decided to install a Flaming River Rack and Pinion kit. We also used a Flaming River Steering column to finish off the steering system. Next, Trevor modifies the brake/clutch pedal assembly to work with the Hydratech Booster's new location on the fire wall.


Wilwood makes brakes for race and street cars, and they continuously bring innovations to their product line. At the 2012 SEMA show, Mike Hamrick brought us up to speed on their new large diameter 1-piece rotor systems and tells us about the importance of choosing the right parts. These new kits feature radially mounted calipers for multiple adjustments, 1-piece rotors for cost savings, and a new forged caliper design with internal crossovers for strength.


Stopping a speeding Muscle Car in a hurry is best accomplished with high-performance brakes, and in this video, V8TV Tech Trevor Spence brings us "up to speed" on a set of 14.25" Wilwood front discs and 14" rear discs with floating rear calipers and integral parking brakes.    The fronts are C-5 Corvette based with 6-piston calipers, and the rears utilize a 4-piston caliper.  Trevor shows us proper install, adjustment, and safety wiring of the calipers.


In this installment, the V8 Speed & Resto Crew is installing a BMR Suspension Torque Arm rear suspension kit into our 1971 Pontiac Firebird for increased traction and handling abilities.    The  leaf springs were comfortable, but when you are pushing over 600 HP, you need control and traction. Then, they install a Baer brake kit, BOZE wheels, and Goodyear tires to help the car stop and stick to the road.




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