HydroboostWe install high performance braking systems on all the cars we build in the V8 Speed & Resto Shop one element that really makes a difference in braking performance is a hydraulic brake assist unit, more commonly known a a Hydroboost system.

A vacuum booster is used on most typical power brake systems, and they generally work OK to use engine vacuum to assist the driver in depressing the brake pedal, making the brakes easier to apply. However, factors such as long-duration camshafts with low-vacuum generating characteristics and minimal underhood clearance with large engines limit the vacuum booster's effectiveness.

A Hydroboost unit relies on hydraulic pressure generated by the vehicle's power steering pump to apply tremendously increased brake pressure without relying on engine vacuum. A vacuum booster can generate 7-800 lbs of brake system pressure at the calipers, while a Hydroboost unit can generate over 2000 psi with the same amount of pedal input from the driver. The difference is staggering. In addition, the Hydroboost units are smaller in diameter, so they package easier in engine bays with tight clearance.

The V8TV crew installs Hydroboost units manufactured by Hydratech Braking, and the process involves mounting the unit, mating it to the existing or new master cylinder, some modification of the brake hard lines, fabricating the hi-pressure hydraulic lines to run the system, creating a fluid return system, installing the lines, adding fluid, and bleeding the brakes and hydraulic systems. The efforts are well worth the results, which include not only higher clamping force for better stopping, but a smooth and predictable brake pedal at any rpm.

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