After logging some miles on our 1955 Thunderbird "CoyoTBird", we felt the car was running pretty well, but it suffered from a couple of things that we wanted to fix. First off, the car would backfire on deceleration, which we did not like but also signaled a problem. Secondly, the variable cam timing on the Ford 5.0 Coyote engine felt like it needed calibration. The car accelerated smoothly up to 4000 RPM, then the cam timing changed and it took off like a rocket. We wanted to see if that timing could be adjusted to bring on stronger acceleration at a lower RPM and not feel like such an on-off switch. We enlisted the help of the High Performance Racing program instructor Jason Gann at Ranken Technical College , as they have a chassis dyno and access to the latest SCT Performance tuning software to smooth out our 'Bird.