We had our 1965 Chevelle SS frame media blasted and stripped clean, and then it was time to give it a new protective coating. This time, we utilized the new Extreme Chassis Black Epoxy paint from Eastwood. We found it to have an accurate satin appearance, and it seems to have the guts to stand up to the road.


After spending time reinforcing the GTO's chassis, we shot it with a new paint system from Eastwood. The base started off with their high-build 2-part catalyzed Epoxy Primer, and then we topcoated it with their new Ceramic Chassis Black in the satin finish. We used a 3-gun DeVilbiss Startingline HVLP spray gun set to lay down the chemicals, and the look is outstanding. The Ceramic Chassis Black also has a very high chemical and chip resistance, so the look should last for a long time!


Repairing main floors and trunk floors on our 1965 Chevelle.


Restoring our faded, cracked, and ugly dash pad with the help of Just Dashes.


Our 1965 Chevelle had some pretty nice doors, but they were hiding some rust pinholes that we knew would be problematic later. The last thing we wanted was to finish this car and have it start bubbling with rust spots, so we elected to do the right thing and replace the door skins. This allowed us to not only have fresh, crisp, new OPGI skins, but also to sandblast and epoxy paint the inner structures to make sure they didn't rust again. In this installment, we show the tricks to proper doorskin removal. The next chapter will show the install procedure.