V8 Radio Podcast: Socially Distant Car Talk, Automotive Trivia, and More!


Cars as boredom therapy. 


In this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast, Mike “Q Ball” ball Clarke and Kevin Oeste find themselves on self quarantine during the covid 19 Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. However, they truly believe that a way to stay sane is to stay focused on things you enjoy, like family time and of course playing - and talking about - cool cars. There is one point of the show where some stir craziness is revealed in the form of a slip of a tongue… we can't share the slip, but we share the laughs!  Of course, you'll also find automotive trivia, a few more laughs, and more on V8 Radio!  Subscribe today on your favorite Podcast provider so you don't miss an episode of V8 Radio!


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