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V8 Radio Problem Child Kustoms Design Rendering

V8 Radio Problem Child Kustoms Interview

On this episode, we hang with Brian Stupski, the artist behind Problem Child Kustoms and Studio PCK hot rod design.   The episode starts off innocently enough, discussing car design renderings, big shows like SEMA, and building cars... then takes a fowl turn into custom van weirdness.   At any rate, Brian is a good friend of ours and a tremendous designer, and we're lucky to be able to spend some time with him... no matter how weird things get.   Check out some of his work below, and more at   Oh yeah, and that is my old van in the pics below... 

KOVan.jpg atonanew.jpg camaro1824poster.jpg

chargerrA.jpg cmmagicalmystery1824.jpg pck1.jpg

pck2.jpg pck3.jpg pck4.jpg

pck5.jpg pck6.jpg pck7.jpg

pck8.jpg studio_pck_logo.jpg