V8 Radio How It All Began

On this episode of V8 Radio, Mike Clarke and Kevin Oeste go back in time as Mike made the mistake of asking Kevin how he got started in this business. It started back in 1996 when Kevin and his buddy Paul Wieshuber embarked on the Hot Rod Power Tour in a car worthy of a junkyard, and it all went downhill from there.   Who'd have thought he would have landed a job with Hot Rod and eventually start V8TV and the V8 Speed & Resto Shop?   They also chat about the 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL 427 R-Code featured on Muscle Car Of The Week, discuss a V8TV track day, ratchet up the trivia questions, chat about Jim Wangers and Pontiac history, a story of David Freiburger taking a tumble, and have a few laughs on this episode.    Photos from the episode are below!



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V8 Radio February, 2017

On this episode of V8 Radio, Mike Clarke and Kevin Oeste chat about enjoying a warm day in the winter time and favorite cruising tunes, flying drones, thermal cameras, a '57 Nomad, and more!



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V8 Radio December 2016

On this episode of V8 Radio, Mike Clarke and Kevin Oeste chat about some of the recent events like PRI Show, the MCACN show, and also reflect on the recent Muscle Car Of The Week Top 10.   Later, they cover some updates from the V8 Speed & Resto Shop.  They reveal Bobby Unser's secrets to success in life, and then somehow end up on flying lessons, but you know how these things go.   V8 Radio is the perfect garage companion when you are too busy concentrating on your project to have to pay attention to an important radio show!  




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V8 Radio September 2016

On this episode, Mike Clarke and Kevin Oeste chat about the summer cruising events and road trips, the upcoming SEMA show, and contemplate if nostalgia for old cars is a good thing or a bad thing.    They also cover an update on Mike's  1967 GTO, model car building, and more from the V8 Speed & Resto Shop.   



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V8 Radio Car Craft Summer Nats

Mike Clarke and Kevin Oeste provide on-scene coverage of the 2016 Car Craft Magazine Summer Nationals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   The V8 Speed & Resto Shop team was invited to display the freshly 1969 COMP Cams Camaro in the Pro Builders Shootout and Mike & Kev held court.   




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Pike's Peak Torino

On this episode of V8 radio Kevin Oeste and co-host Mike Clarke chat about cool summertime car events, the Street Machine Nationals, the Car Craft Summer Nationals, the induction of Dave McClelland into the NHRA Hall of Fame, Mike's 1967 GTO update, the special appearance of Bobby Unser and the 1969 Ford Torino Pikes Peak race car appearing at the 2016 Muscle car and Corvette Nationals, and much more. Brought to you by ARP Fasteners.




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V8 Radio Mike Clarke GTO

On this episode, our guest it Mike Clarke, a longtime supporter of the V8 Forum and unofficial "Superfan" of V8TV.   Mike's been working on a 1967 Pontiac GTO for a while, and we decided to get the update on the project and to be able to spend some time with our buddy Mike.  

Click to visit the V8 Forum, where Mike posts Cool Song Friday among others... 


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V8 Radio Hot Rod Power Tour

On this episode, Kelle and Kevin chat about the 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour rolling right past the V8 Speed & Resto Shop on Tuesday, June 9, 2015.    They also share insights about what to do to prepare for a big road trip with an old car and how to have a successful, fun, and safe trip!

>>CLICK HERE for the V8 Road Trip Checklist mentioned in the podcast!

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This week, our buddy Brian Stupski of Problem Child Kustoms joins again as we discuss various topics growing out of the recent Detroit Autorama, ranging from thoughts on high-dollar cars, the role of technology as applied to custom car design and construction, and his involvement with the 1965 Dodge "Dart SL" built by Big Oak Garage which landed a spot in the Great 8.      Oh yeah, and a little about wild kustoms of the past, a new take on the toilet seat car, and a comparison of 1969 Camaros to classic rock albums.    


Click here to watch the fabulous documentary on the Dark Side Of The Moon mentioned in the episode.

Click here for the photo gallery from the Detroit Autorama. 


Colin Comer<b> V8 Radio </b>Interview

In this episode, we chat with author Colin Comer about his latest book, Shelby Mustang Fifty Years, recorded live at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in Chicago.  


From the original Shelby Mustang GT350 to today's 1,000 horsepower GT500, Carroll Shelby, Shelby American, and the Ford Motor Company have defined high-performance with their Shelby Mustangs. Shelby built his Mustangs from 1965 until 1970, at a time when it seemed that the muscle car was a dying breed. Then an odd thing happened: people began to realize the classic nature of the car almost as soon as Shelby stopped building them. After a much-too-long hiatus, in 2006 Carroll Shelby was back with Ford and production of new Shelby Mustangs began for the first time in 36 years. Today, Shelby Mustangs of all eras remain at the top of almost every gearhead's list and with good reason-they are America's premier do-it-all pony car.

Shelby Mustang Fifty Years is a celebration of these magnificent machines and covers every iteration from the raw 1965 GT350s to today's Shelby 1000 monster and the men that made it all happen. Created in cooperation with the Carroll Hall Shelby Trust and officially licensed by Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc., Shelby Mustang Fifty Years is lavishly illustrated with rare, historic photography and modern color images to chronicle the story of these amazing cars, from the initial collaboration with Ford to today's record-setting high-tech muscle cars.

The foreword and tribute to Carroll Shelby by the "Father of the Mustang" Lee Iacocca rounds out this love note to America's premier performance car. No Mustang fan will want to miss it.

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V8 Radio Problem Child Kustoms Interview

On this episode, we hang with Brian Stupski, the artist behind Problem Child Kustoms and Studio PCK hot rod design.   The episode starts off innocently enough, discussing car design renderings, big shows like SEMA, and building cars... then takes a fowl turn into custom van weirdness.   At any rate, Brian is a good friend of ours and a tremendous designer, and we're lucky to be able to spend some time with him... no matter how weird things get.   Check out some of his work below, and more at http://www.problemchildkustoms.com.   Oh yeah, and that is my old van in the pics below... 

About The V8 Radio Podcast


Cars, Experiences, Trivia, Laughs... They're All Included in Every Episode of V8 Radio!




V8 Radio's hosts Kevin Oeste and Mike Clarke cover the classic car scene from a regular car guy perspective. Topics include cool car events, goings on in the V8 Speed and Resto Shop and V8TV, and the state of their own classic car projects. Throw in a couple trivia questions and lots of unplanned banter, and you have a fun laid-back show that makes a perfect companion to your own garage adventures.


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The Best

By holden415

"The best automotive podcast out there. I really enjoy the knowledge that the hosts have. I also love that they share information on their own projects. It’s fun to listen to real car guys who don’t have unlimited budgets and still try to get the job done”


My favorite podcast!

by Frank n Terry S

Love Kevin and Mike! These guys are entertaining and genuine. Bravo. Cant wait for the next show!


Running on all cylinders

by TimmyGisAwesome

Mike and Kevin share a deep well of knowledge with their listeners when it comes to classic cars. I could see my brother playing along with their trivia questions in my head. (He would love this show!!!) It doesn't hurt that both of these guys have great, broadcast quality voices. Kevin actually sounds a lot like Nick Offerman who plays Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. Keep up the excellent work!!!


Really good show but...............     

by Henry's Son

Hi guys, I think you have an excellent program that I often listen to when working in my own shop at night, but might I make a suggestion??? Please level the volumes OR make Mike sit at least a foot away from the mic.

Problem is that with normal conversation, all is good and then Mike laughs or makes a pronouncement and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!

I know it might be trivial, it becomes a real irritant after a show or two.

OK, that’s it, keep up the good work.



The knowledge as well as the genuine love of the craft brings this show to life. Very educational to someone who’s just beginning to pick up a wrench.

Kane Richard Blust 


Soooo much information.

Presentation is great!! If you like old cars, and their history this is a dont miss show. 

Thanks Kevin!

Tom Clemens


Love the trivia.

I always look forward to a new episode from Kevin and Mike. Its a show very worthy of your time.  

Enjoyable and educational
I watch the Muscle car of the Week series, V8TV, and this show makes a perfect trifecta!
I like to listen while I bang away at my project car. Thanks for a great show!

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In this episode, we share the entire interview with Stan Antlocer, former driver and owner of the "World's Fastest Pontiac Tempest".    We featured Stan and the Tempest in a Muscle Car Of The Week video, but this V8 Radio podcast contains all the stories from the full interview.    To say Stan has been around the block a few times is an understatement... we're fortunate he shared some of his stories with us.  

Check out all the V8 Radio episodes at http://www.v8radio.com!

Click Read More to watch the Muscle Car Of The Week video!